April 22, 2010  |  Behind the Scenes
Getting Green: MoMA QNS’s Solar-Paneled Roof

Solar panels on the roof of MoMA QNS

Today is the fortieth annual Earth Day, and MoMA is committed to its green efforts. In December MoMA’s Operations Team completed the installation of solar panels on the roof at MoMA QNS, the permanent home for storage of MoMA’s collection and a facility for conservation, study, and research. The project included the installation of 161 solar panels tied to the main Con Edison electrical feed to the building, which is located in the building’s basement. The panels are photovoltaic, meaning that they convert the energy of the sun into electricity. The solar roof at MoMA QNS will generate solar energy for the facility, which will further decrease the Museum’s carbon footprint and subsequently lower energy costs—as such, it represents a major step in making MoMA a more environmentally responsible institution.

In addition to such large-scale initiatives, MoMA also organizes an annual Green Day to educate staff. This year’s event was held this past Tuesday in the Sculpture Garden (we had perfect spring weather!) and included over twenty participants knowledgeable on a wide range of subjects from rooftop farming to bee-keeping, and also included great local vendors such as Green Depot and Just Food. We are always looking for ideas, so if you are interested in coming to next year’s Green Day as a vendor or presenter, please get in touch with us ([email protected]). In the meantime, happy Earth Day from all of us at MoMA!