Superstudio, Gian Piero Frassinelli, Alessandro Magris, Roberto Magris, Adolfo Natalini, Cristiano Toraldo di Francia, Alessandro Poli. Supersurface, The Happy Island, project. 1971
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In this photomontage a domestic idyll floats on an infinite grid. This backdrop is the Supersurface, a proposed service network or global "circuit board" that would transform the built environment from an architecture of singular objects to a continuous landscape on which people would roam nomadically, plugging into the grid’s resources as needed. The hidden technical infrastructure represents an open framework for a new lifestyle but also an omnipresent system of control. Superstudio’s images, supplemented by cutouts from popular media, emphasize this idea with an ironic undertone akin to the Pop art of the time.

Gallery label from Cut 'n' Paste: From Architectural Assemblage to Collage City, July 10–December 1, 2013
Ink, airbrush, graphite, and cut-and-pasted printed paper on paper
19 3/4 x 27 5/8" (50.2 x 70.2 cm)
Given anonymously
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Architecture and Design