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February 25, 2012.&lt;br /&gt;Upload &lt;em&gt;your&lt;/em&gt; images of MoMA to our &lt;a href='http://www.flickr.com/groups/themuseumofmodernart/pool/'&gt;Flickr group&lt;/a&gt; to participate." src="/images/about/flickr_timschreier.jpg?1490823659" /> </div> </div> <div class="column-b"> <div class="box"> <style> h3.job { font-size: 1.15em; font-weight: bold; margin-top: 2em; margin-bottom: 0; } </style> <h2 class="top" id="top">Current Available Positions</h2> <ul> <li><a href="#job2017032901">Assistant Paper Conservator | The David Booth Conservation Department</a></li> <li><a href="#job2017032902">Assistant Supervisor, Control Room | Security</a></li> <li><a href="#job2017032903">Assistant to the Senior Deputy Director l External Affairs</a></li> <li><a href="#job2017032904">Associate Educator, Public Programs and Gallery Initiatives | Education</a></li> <li><a href="#job2017032905">Associate Educator, Visitor Research and Experience: Art/Education | Education</a></li> <li><a href="#job2017032906">Guest Assistant | Visitor Services </a></li> <li><a href="#job2017032907">Network Engineer | Information Technology</a></li> <li><a href="#job2017032908">Receptionist | Visitor Services</a></li> <li><a href="#job2017032909">Sales Associate | Design Store</a></li> <li><a href="#job2017032910">Selling Specialist, Books | Design Store, Soho</a></li> <li><a href="#job2017032911">Senior Web Developer | Information Technology</a></li> </ul> <p style="margin-bottom: 2.5em;"><a href="#guidelines">MoMA Jobs application guidelines</a></p> <hr style="display: block;" /> <!-- =========================================================================== --> <h3 class="job" id="job2017032901">Assistant Paper Conservator | The David Booth Conservation Department</h3> <p>Works collaboratively on a wide range of modern and contemporary works across all curatorial departments and participates in all departmental activities, including examination, documentation, treatment, and research of collection materials, as well as exhibition, collection care, loan, and courier responsibilities. Examines, documents, and treats paper works in the collection through written and photographic documentation. Participates in all departmental activities, including acquisition, preparation of works for exhibition, collection care, loans, and research. Monitors hinging, matting, storage, environmental conditions, and other preventive conservation steps for the collection on an ongoing basis. Assists with the maintenance of work areas in the conservation lab, including researching supplies and equipment, maintaining materials, and replenishing supplies. Works collaboratively across departments at the museum, including Conservation, curatorial, Exhibition Planning and Design, and Collection Management and Exhibition Registration. Conducts research centering on treatment protocols, artist materials, and methods. Participates in training and supervision of interns and fellows. Reports to Paper Conservator and The Agnes Gund Chief Conservator.</p> <p><b>Requirements:</b> Graduate degree in the conservation of works on paper and two years experience with works on paper in a museum setting or equivalent. Experience performing all aspects of the treatment of works on paper and related artworks, with adherence to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the American Institute for Conservation. The Museum of Modern Art has an emphasis on the collecting and preservation of contemporary art, therefore demonstrated interest and experience in the conservation of contemporary works is strongly encouraged. Knowledge and experience of documentation procedures, including digital photography and other imaging techniques. Strong interpersonal and written communication skills. Ability to work cooperatively on projects and independently on treatments. Ability to travel as required. Experience engaging with artists and their studios is desirable. Familiarity with the Museum’s collection management system, The Museum System, is desirable.</p> <p><b>Application Process:</b> Candidates must submit a detailed letter of interest stating education, work history, involvement with modern and/or contemporary art, and research interests. The inclusion of a writing sample, either published work or work-related documentation or research, is strongly recommended. The application should include the names of three references, but letters from references are not requested. No treatment reports are requested and should not be included. Candidates invited for interviews will be asked to supply treatment reports at that time. All material, in digital form, should be sent to <a href="mailto:jobs@moma.org">jobs@moma.org</a> by no later than April 21, 2017.</p> <p><em>If hired, individual must successfully complete a security threat assessment through the Department of Homeland Security.</em></p> <p class="jump"><a href="#top">Return to top</a></p> <!-- =========================================================================== --> <h3 class="job" id="job2017032902">Assistant Supervisor, Control Room | Security</h3> <p>Manages access, via Security Access System, to all areas in multiple buildings. Communicates response to emergency situations with internal and external responders. Supervises, deploys, dispatches, and trains security officers. Monitors security and fire system devices and equipment via fire command center. Reports malfunctioning devices to control room supervisor or manager of Technical Systems and Operations. Tracks and distributes equipment to security personnel. Notes all daily activity and equipment distribution in the daily control room log. Tracks and communicates personnel call-offs to gallery supervisors. Frequently interacts with security supervisors and managers, plus internal/external contacts (e.g. Special Events department). Communicates closely with on-duty security supervisors and managers regarding situational awareness of building operations and issues. Communicates clear and concise information via radio, telephone, and email. Collaborates with on-site fire safety director and the fire command center regarding fire system status and pending issues. Ensures required communication and documentation are complete as it relates to daily operations/audits. Maintains the safety and security of confidential information and data. Participates in writing incident reports and documents control room and fire command center procedures. Provides first-level troubleshooting of security system and hardware issues. Reports security system and technical issues to manager of Technical Systems and Operations, or control room supervisor on duty. Resolves minor problems or issues and provides suggestions for improvement. Reports to Manager, Technical Systems and Operations.</p> <p><b>Requirements:</b> At least two years experience of control/command room and technical/security system support. At least three to five years experience in the security or law enforcement field. At least one year of report-writing experience. Experience in cultural, educational, or large public-access locations preferred. Demonstrated knowledge of security practices, including emergency response. Experience in utilizing various software applications, including MS Word and Excel and Google search engine. Basic first aid/CPR knowledge and AED certification. Fire Safety Director certification or ability to complete certification. Applied knowledge of fire-life-safety systems, security access and intrusion systems, CCTV, and other related security device. Ability to work a flexible schedule at both Manhattan and Queens locations.</p> <p><em>If hired, individual must successfully complete a security threat assessment through the Department of Homeland Security.</em></p> <p class="jump"><a href="#top">Return to top</a></p> <!-- =========================================================================== --> <h3 class="job" id="job2017032903">Assistant to the Senior Deputy Director l External Affairs</h3> <p>Serves as executive/administrative assistant and office manager and performs confidential administrative duties. Corresponds with and acts as a liaison with trustees, director’s office, senior Museum staff, and the public on behalf of the senior deputy director. Assists and acts in a confidential capacity for the senior deputy director as it pertains to current and future programming, strategies, and budgets. Works with outside consultants to coordinate meetings and processes for external hiring searches. Maintains senior deputy director’s calendar, including scheduling and coordinating departmental meetings and events. Prepares and distributes agendas and minutes, and follows up on action items. Assists in the preparation and writing of formal correspondence, acknowledgements, presentations, proposals, departmental reports, and other documents. Prepares the departmental administrative budget, including preparation of financial reports, overseeing expenditures, and maintaining associated financial records and files. Coordinates department-wide meetings, including the scheduling of External Affairs director’s meetings. Coordinates department-wide initiatives. Serves as liaison between senior deputy director and External Affairs staff as needed. Attends meetings and special events as required. Performs a variety of clerical duties: makes travel arrangements, maintains trustee files, handles records management for office, etc. Reports to Senior Deputy Director for External Affairs.</p> <p><b>Requirements:</b> Bachelor's degree and at least four to five years relevant administrative experience or equivalent. Excellent verbal communication skills. Very strong writing skills to be able to prepare a variety of correspondence. (Finalists will be asked to submit writing samples.) Excellent organization skills and keen attention to detail. Strong computer skills, including Microsoft Office Suite (PowerPoint, Word, Excel), Gmail, and facility with Internet research. Ability to work independently, meet deadlines, and coordinate multiple projects simultaneously with tact and diplomacy. Knowledge of and interest in contemporary and modern art. Foreign languages a plus.</p> <p class="jump"><a href="#top">Return to top</a></p> <!-- =========================================================================== --> <h3 class="job" id="job2017032904">Associate Educator, Public Programs and Gallery Initiatives | Education</h3> <p>Serves as point of contact and support for all freelance educators for Gallery Sessions, organizing training, maintaining and coordinating volunteer relations, and organizing scheduling. Coordinates all details pertaining to contracts, payments, and expenses for freelance educators. Manages production for evening, theater-based public programs. Coordinates advanced event planning and logistics, including travel arrangements, marketing materials, theater setup, and coordination with audio visual. Works closely with assistant director to implement regular evaluation of public programs to ensure high level of quality, innovation, and participant engagement, and to use findings to enhance future programs. Coordinates and supports in-gallery initiatives and temporary programs such as workshops, artist conversations, and other one-time events or series. Provides support for other public programs as needed.</p> <p><b>Requirements:</b> Master’s degree in art education, studio art, or art history preferred. Minimum three to five years of relevant experience in adult museum education. Demonstrated knowledge of modern and contemporary art, and theory and practice of gallery education. Ability to communicate with public professionally and in an engaging manner. Experience in training and evaluation of front-line educators for adult and intergenerational audiences. Experience developing and executing public programs and events. Strong project management skills. Fluency in foreign language a plus.</p> <p class="jump"><a href="#top">Return to top</a></p> <!-- =========================================================================== --> <h3 class="job" id="job2017032905">Associate Educator, Visitor Research and Experience: Art/Education | Education</h3> <p>Develops customized studies about visitor experience in Museum galleries and public spaces for public programs and online resources and platforms. Collects and analyzes data and develops changes and improvements in Museum operations to enhance visitor experiences. Consults with and advises Museum’s Education and other departments on visitor research. Evaluates initiatives for enhancements to visitor collection and exhibitions experiences. Designs evaluation plans and tools. Conducts qualitative research to produce over 50 audience research studies per year. Leads user testing of all digital products and platforms. Collects and analyzes data regarding visitor experiences, utilizing interviews, surveys, user testing, observations, and timing and tracking techniques. Recommends findings-based plans for new and modified programs and initiatives for some three million visitors per year. Reports to Director, Interpretation, Research, and Digital Learning.</p> <p><b>Requirements:</b> Master’s degree in museum studies and one year experience in similar position or as audience researcher at an art institution serving at least 500,000 visitors per year. Must have experience developing customized studies about visitor experience in art museum galleries and public spaces for public programs and online resources and platforms; evaluating initiatives for the enhancement of visitor experiences with art museum collection and exhibitions; and conducting qualitative research to produce at least 25 audience research studies per year.</p> <p class="jump"><a href="#top">Return to top</a></p> <!-- =========================================================================== --> <h3 class="job" id="job2017032906">Guest Assistant | Visitor Services </h3> <p>Creates a highly positive experience for Museum guests that is conducive to repeat visitation, membership conversion, and positive word of mouth for the Museum. Sells daily and advance Museum admission, film, and program tickets, memberships, and member guest passes. Processes credit cards and coupons, rings up cash, and issues change. Generates proactive sales efforts throughout the Museum. Proactively and warmly welcomes guests, responds to questions, and offers guidance. Validates admission at points of entry to galleries. Ensures smooth flow of visitors by proactively guiding visitors to various queues and spaces. Resolves general complaints from guests and members on site. Stays abreast of current and upcoming exhibitions, films, educational programs, and marketing campaigns. Helps maintain inventory of printed information and marketing materials, and ensures signage is properly placed. Reports to Lobby Managers.</p> <p><b>Requirements:</b> Bachelor’s degree or equivalent. Proficiency with computers/Windows. Exceptional customer service skills, customer service experience, and passion for the visual arts. Previous museum experience and foreign language skills strongly preferred. Must be available to work weekends and holiday periods. Must be able to work weekend hours.</p> <p class="jump"><a href="#top">Return to top</a></p> <!-- =========================================================================== --> <h3 class="job" id="job2017032907">Network Engineer | Information Technology</h3> <p>Ensures smooth operation of the Museum’s local and wide-area data network in order to provide maximum performance and availability. Designs, installs, maintains, and supports LAN and WAN infrastructures at all locations, including data centers and offices. Designs, implements, maintains, and supports MoMA’s LAN/WAN. Leads network-related projects. Manages performance and maintains security of networks at an advanced level. Assists in implementing policies and procedures for LAN/WAN usage throughout the organization. Acts as primary organizational interface with vendor and provides internal analysis and support. Upgrades and maintains Cisco equipment across LAN/WAN environment. Monitors all communication equipment in support of new product/process implementations. Creates and maintains comprehensive documentation and schematics for all network topology, equipment, and configurations. Maintains accurate and up-to-date inventory of all network hardware and system software. Reports to Senior Manager of Infrastructure.</p> <p><b>Requirements:</b> Eight-plus years experience with Cisco routers and switches, CCNA and CCNP preferred. Eight-plus years experience in the design, implementation, support, and management of complex LAN/WAN environments. Well versed in advanced engineering and administration of multi-protocol routers, multilayer switches, network security devices, and network management systems. Excellent problem management, troubleshooting, and customer service skills. Advanced working knowledge of Cisco Nexus and Catalyst platforms. Advanced working knowledge of Cisco switching and routing platforms. Ability to perform LAN/WAN debugging at the most complex level. Advanced understanding of routing and TCP/IP, BGP, Multi-VRP, and EIGRP. Advanced understanding of switching protocols, VSS, RTSP+, Spanning Tree, Port Security, and QoS. Experience with network traffic analysis and protocol analyzers (WireShark, tcpdump). Expert-level troubleshooting and problem-resolution skills. Knowledge of network maintenance processes and formal change management procedures. Able to effectively lead and manage high-profile projects as necessary. Able to function independently and in a team environment with minimal supervision. Knowledge of structured cabling principles and general data center operations. Strong oral and written communication skills. Ability to explain highly technical concepts to a non-technical audience. Familiarity with network security principles, tools, and best practices. Experience with data security audits and processes a definite plus. Experience in high-volume, 24/7 production environments is a definite plus. This position requires being on call 24/7 for production issues. Must have demonstrated ability to lift heavy (up to 50 lbs.) equipment; crawl under or around furniture to install equipment; and climb ladders and reach to install computer wiring and perform other tasks.</p> <p><em>Position is within the scope of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Therefore, any offer of employment for this position is contingent on candidate passing a criminal background check.</em></p> <p class="jump"><a href="#top">Return to top</a></p> <!-- =========================================================================== --> <h3 class="job" id="job2017032908">Receptionist | Visitor Services</h3> <p>Meets and greets all visitors to the Museum’s reception areas, including staff, staff guests, educators, groups, study center and library users, trustees, VIPs, couriers, and messengers. Maintains visitor log form, checks identification, and signs in each guest per Museum policy. Announces visitors to staff and directs visitors to various offices and departments. Receives, distributes, and signs for all incoming and outgoing packages, accountable USPS mail, interoffice envelopes, and other third-party shipments. Maintains delivery and pick-up log. Answers general questions about Museum policies and operations. Distributes study center brochures, submission guidelines, volunteer applications, and other written materials upon request. Answers and forwards all calls to the switchboard to relevant staff.</p> <p><b>Requirements:</b> High school diploma or equivalent, some college preferred. Prior receptionist/office experience. Excellent communication, organizational, and customer service skills. Professional phone manner with strong organizational and clerical skills. Flexible and able to work in a fast-paced environment. Facility with MS Office and Gmail.</p> <p class="jump"><a href="#top">Return to top</a></p> <!-- =========================================================================== --> <h3 class="job" id="job2017032909">Sales Associate | Design Store</h3> <p>Answers inquiries and assists customers in making selections. Stocks and restocks sales fixtures. Straightens and dusts merchandise and fixtures. Assists in physical inventories. Opens and closes cash registers and is held accountable for any discrepancies noted by manager. Reports to Store Manager.</p> <p><b>Requirements:</b> High school diploma or equivalent. Some sales experience. Excellent customer service skills. An interest in good design, books, art, and architecture. Ability to work afternoon and weekend hours.</p> <p class="jump"><a href="#top">Return to top</a></p> <!-- =========================================================================== --> <h3 class="job" id="job2017032910">Selling Specialist, Books | Design Store, Soho</h3> <p>Delivers knowledgeable, thoughtful, and inspiring customer service, which plays an integral role in achieving the store’s sales and metric goals. Partners with management to formulate strategies to ensure optimal product performance to increase sales in respective category. Executes highest level of customer service by responding to inquiries and assisting in making selections. Maintains a professional and positive presence on sales floor. Engages customers with knowledge of the product assortment, with the goal of increasing conversion and average transaction amounts. Assists in the merchandising of fixtures in accordance with standards and ensures optimal stock levels and presentation. Executes daily stock maintenance by ensuring that all merchandise and fixtures are signed, displayed, lit, and clean. Partners with store management to assess product performance, provide feedback, coordinate and deliver product training to sales associates, coordinate floor standards and replenishment training, review and analyze sales and margins to identify opportunities, and develop selling strategies. Partners with assistant store manager, operations, to maintain inventory levels, identify discrepancies, and participates in physical inventory. Performs register transactions such as sales, returns, memberships, and email capture.</p> <p><b>Requirements:</b> Bachelor’s degree preferred, and a minimum of two years retail sales experience or equivalent. Strong organizational and verbal and written communication skills. Ability and desire to deliver a high level of customer service. Knowledge of art, design, and books a plus. Merchandising experience a plus. POS, email, MS Word, and Excel.</p> <p class="jump"><a href="#top">Return to top</a></p> <!-- =========================================================================== --> <h3 class="job" id="job2017032911">Senior Web Developer | Information Technology</h3> <p>Develops and supports applications for the Museum’s online store. Provides support for the Retail and Membership teams’ strategic online initiatives. Performs application build and deployment activities. Tunes and optimizes website to improve performance and stability. Provides relevant documentation of deployed updates and projects. Effectively advocates for piloting latest technology for projects. Troubleshoots any technical issues that may arise. Reports to Associate Director, Applications.</p> <p><b>Requirements:</b> Experience on Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware), and basic back-end support. Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related fields, and a minimum of four to five years of software development in a multi-tier environment. Knowledge and appreciation of art is a plus. Technical skills required include HTML, Javascript (server-side: ECMAScript 3rd Edition; client side: jQuery library), AJAX, CSS, JSON (for all AJAX components), XML, Web services, and experience with RESTful API’s. Agile experience with ecommerce business and mobile development. Technical project management skills, and ability to work with business users to prioritize requirements. Strong understanding of key technologies, including Web servers, relational databases, scheduled batch jobs, data transformation, import, and export required. Ability to develop and manage projects with high degree of independence and accountability. Demonstrable experience in advanced troubleshooting techniques. Excellent communication and collaboration skills. Strong proficiency designing, developing, and calling Web services and other forms of remote API calls. Eagerness to learn and teach newest technologies, disciplines, and methodologies. Ability to independently lead, design, code, unit test, system test, performance test, debug, and implement Web or mobile solutions. Experience building mobile and tablet apps and with ETL desired, but not required.</p> <p class="jump"><a href="#top">Return to top</a></p> <!-- =========================================================================== --> <hr style="display: block;" /> <h2 class="job" id="guidelines">MoMA Jobs application guidelines</h2> <p>If you would like to submit your resume and cover letter for consideration, please choose one of the following options:</p> <p>By email: <a href="mailto:jobs@moma.org">jobs@moma.org</a> (most preferred option)<br /> By fax: (212) 333-1107<br /> By mail: The Museum of Modern Art<br /> The Department of Human Resources<br /> 11 West 53 Street<br /> New York, NY 10019</p> <p>If submitting by email, please send us your resume and cover letter as one document in PDF format.</p> <p>Please be advised that due to the high volume of applicants, we are able to contact only those candidates whose skills and background best fit the needs of the open positions. Thank you for your interest in employment opportunities at The Museum of Modern Art.</p> <p class="small-type">The Museum of Modern Art is an equal opportunity employer and considers all candidates for employment regardless of race, color, sex, age, national origin, creed, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or political affiliation.</p> <p class="jump"><a href="#top">Return to top</a></p> <!-- =========================================================================== --> <!--<h2>Current Available Positions at MoMA PS1</h2><br /> <p><em>MoMA PS1 is one of the oldest and largest non-profit contemporary art institutes in the United States; an exhibition space rather than a collecting museum, it serves as a catalyst and an advocate for new ideas, discourses, and trends in contemporary art.</em></p> <p><b>HOW TO APPLY:</b> Please send your résumé and cover letter to <a href="mailto:employment_ps1@moma.org">employment_ps1@moma.org</a> and include the position title in the subject line. No phone calls please. For more information about MoMA PS1 please visit <a href="http://momaps1.org/" target="NEW">MoMAps1.org</a>.</p> <p>Please be advised that due to the high volume of applicants, we are only able to contact those candidates whose skills and background best fit the needs of the position. Thank you for your interest in employment opportunities at MoMA PS1.</p> <p class="small-type">MoMA PS1 is an equal opportunity employer and considers all candidates for employment regardless of race, color, sex, age, national origin, creed, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or political affiliation.</p>--> </div> </div> <div class="column-c"> <div class="JS_Widget"> <a href="/widgets/collection/all_collection_works" rel=""></a> </div> </div> <br class="clear" /> </div>