Aladdin is the idea of a magic object, a flying carpet that lightly occupies the public space, offering itself as a place of escape from reality, a place to play and to dream. Basic elements characterizing the pattern of the carpet are the balloons filled with helium and cold air, in different sizes and heights. Positioned according to a regular grid, the result is a topography whose profile changes from touching the ground in some parts, creating places to relax and play, and detaching from it in other parts, creating shade.

The carpet touches the ground, leaving it mostly intact. In the places where Aladdin is detached from the ground and becomes a shadow, taking advantage of the topographical structure of the square, a few strips of water are inserted to multiply and reflect the pattern on the ground. These areas of rest and relaxation are completed by small scattered balloons that, individually or in groups, are offered as soft seats. The remaining space is all play and movement; an invitation to get lost in the pattern of the carpet.

By night each balloon is lit up. The modularity of the pattern allows the creation of different configurations, depending on the evening's program. Turning on all the balloons, Aladdin turns into an illuminated surface of different colors, the scenic backdrop of MAXXI summer programs.