Mining Modern Museum Education


MoMA at Home & Abroad

Below Gwen Farrelly, Program Associate, International Program, MoMA gives a brief introduction to her presentation on two educational programs developed by Victor d’Amico.

D’Amico’s Art Carnival Abroad and Through the Enchanted Gate CBS Series

This presentation looks at two types of programs that Victor d’Amico, MoMA’s first Director of Education, developed during his tenure at the Museum (1937-1969): the first was a short-lived TV program Through the Enchanted Gate, which MoMA co-produced with WNBC-NBT in 1952 & 1953. And the second was the international iteration of MoMA’s beloved Art Carnival, which began as an annual holiday event at the Museum in 1947.

We will discuss how these progressive programs related to D’Amico’s pedagogical interests in general, in the field of art education at-large, and the social and political context in which they were designed. And finally, by revisiting these oft-overlooked aspects of MoMA’s history, we will begin to tease out an historical foundation for current experimentations with web-based media and social networking in museum settings across the globe.