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In the Air

NAMELESS Architecture


Principals: Na Unchung and Yoo Sorae

In the Air is a floating and vibrating landscape. It explores a new relationship between nature, place, and people through a landscape that floats in the air. The roots of the trees defy gravity and soar upwards, drifting in the air. People cut across the horizon on swings, jump into the air on seesaws, and walk on ropes, experiencing gravity-defying freedom, even if for just a short period of time. This dynamic lightness is a medium for one to break away from the mundane life and experience a new space.

The pavilion interacts with people and the surrounding environment. People play on the swings, touch the floating trees, and even sway them gently. The wind sways the swings and leaves. Twelve trees and 12 swings are connected into a single structure. The movement of the swings on one end is subtle, but delivered in connection to the opposite side. If a person sits on a swing, it slightly moves the tree on the other side. Interactions between the differing objects are gathered together to complete vibrant, mobile scenes. The floating pavilion will be a playground full of vitality, attracting people and enticing them to stay.