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Unvoidic Void



Architects: Lee Minsoo, Shin Minjae, and Ahn Keehyun

Unvoidic Void is a proposal is composed of 6,000 units, 567 molecules, and 121 columns, with eight layered accumulations. It becomes 16 (w) x 16 (l) x 8 m (h) as a standing structure. All the small pieces are connected, and build a whole, resembling the way atoms grouped together make matter. The installation begins with this particular molecular structure and basic unit with light matter. The proposed materials are translucent (PEX Pipe) and transparent (Polycarbonate tube) material, and they are creating shadow and visibility through physical/visual density.

The coupling of fundamental PEX Pipes will provide the seats. The structure will become a pathway for water supply—the PEX Pipe’s original function—and will support lots of activity. Its translucency will reflect the light and create a unique atmosphere in the place. The assembly of the pipes provides shadow under designed density.