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My Hair is at MoMA PS1



Principals: Leena Cho, Rychiee Espinosa, Matthew Jull, Seth McDowell

We are all linked together as living, breathing people. Culturally and materially, the things we consume and produce form a web of accumulation, processing, and waste. Through this frame of inevitability, we propose human hair as an element that links us, divides us, fascinates us, and traces our diversity as a relic of life and reflection of ourselves.

My Hair Is at MoMA PS1 is a project about everyone: the waste we produce. Discarded hair collected from salons and barbershops in New York City is materially transformed into a volumetric series of vertical and horizontal elements, creating shade, spaces for reflection, seating, and a barbershop for the ultimate cool-down: cutting your hair.

The design for the MoMA PS1 courtyard is comprised of a series of spatial qualities that represents the accumulation and transformation of hair collected throughout New York City. The courtyard is divided into six distinct regions. These zones activate the courtyard with a series of flexible stagelike environments that can be explored by individuals or used by larger groups for EXPO 1.

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