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Designers: Simone Capra, Claudio Castaldo with Francesco Colangeli, Andrea Valentini, Massimo Briziarelli (green technologies consultant)

WHATAMI—the winning proposal in Rome—is an archipelago of green spaces including a great main "island" and several smaller structures scattered across the MAXXI's outdoor space. The large island is made of pressed hay and soil covered with natural grass, injecting green life into the concrete museum square. The substructures of the smaller islands are made of expanded polystyrene, a material that is both recycled and further recyclable. Large "flowers" provide visitors with shadow by day and light at night, creating an area for summer relaxation and a grandstand during the museum's numerous outdoor events. At the end of the season, all the natural materials will be returned to their places of origin. The high-tech flowers will be relocated to parks and public school playgrounds throughout the city.