In 1995, the film Smoke Signals opened at Sundance Film Festival, prompting a landslide of interest and support for Native American film and Chris Eyre, the first Native feature film director in the US.

Beyond garnering accolades from native and general audiences, this film provided a stark contrast for filmgoers to the Indians seen in Hollywood Westerns. It raised the now obvious question: "What else have we been missing?"

The answer: Quite a lot. In 1987, Sami director Nils Gaup had made Pathfinder, the first internationally circulated feature film by an indigenous director, also nominated for an Oscar. Since then, First Nations directors have continued to break barriers in the world film industry, winning prestigious recognition on the world stage.

The work in this exhibition represents art from a host of First Nations communities, including Indigenous Australian, Inuit, Maori, Native North and South American, Nenet, Rotuman, and Sami.
5th World
Romance between two young adults as tribal culture shapes their bond in unexpected ways
Director: Blackhorse Lowe (Navajo)
Country of Production: USA
A Bride of the Seventh Heaven (Jumalan morsian)
Portrays the life of a woman, betrothed to a god, whose life unfolds in flashbacks
Director(s): Anastasia Lapsui (Nenet) / Markku Lehmuskallio
Country of Production: Finland/Russia
Angels of the Earth (Los angeles de la tierra)
Two brothers from a small village confront the harshness of city life
Director: Patricio Luna (Aymara)
Country of Production: Bolivia
Atanarjuat:  The Fast Runner
Traditional Inuit story of a community's life-threatening struggle with an evil shaman
Director: Zacharias Kunuk (Inuit)
Country of Production: Canada
Inspired by childhood ghost stories from the director's extended Aboriginal and Irish Australian families
Director: Tracey Moffatt (Aboriginal)
Country of Production: Australia
Beneath Clouds
Two hitchhiking Aboriginal teens on the way to Sydney search for identity along the way
Director: Ivan Sen (Gamilaroi)
Country of Production: Australia
Day 2 (Dia 2)
Ironic portrait of the second day of a P'urhepecha wedding ceremony
Director: Dante Cerano Bautista (P'urhepecha)
Country of Production: Mexico
Guia Toó (Powerful Mountain)
Visual essay about the indigenous people of the Guia Toó cloud forest
Director: Crisanto Manzano Avella (Zapotec)
Country of Production: Mexico
Honey Moccasin
Humorous narrative concerning native identity and gender
Director: Shelley Niro (Mohawk)
Country of Production: Canada
Itam Hakim, Hopiit
Personal and cultural recounting of the Hopi Emergence
Director: Victor Masayesva, Jr. (Hopi)
Country of Production: USA
Kanehsatake:  270 Years of Resistance
A documentary epic of the contemporary Mohawk battle for their land
Director: Alanis Obomsawin (Abenaki)
Country of Production: Canada
Loving Each Other in the Shadows (Llanthupi munakuy)
Star-crossed love affair as a girl struggles with her traditional Quechua parents
Director: Marcelina Cárdenas Sausa (Quechua)
Country of Production: Bolivia
Romance and suspense set in 1950s New Zealand
Director: Merata Mita (Maori)
Country of Production: Aotearoa/New Zealand
Once Were Warriors
Passionate and painful story of a contemporary Maori family
Director: Lee Tamahori (Maori)
Country of Production: Aotearoa/New Zealand
Legendary tale of a youth who after witnessing his family's murder is forced to become the perpetrators' pathfinder
Director: Nils Gaup (Sami)
Country of Production: Norway
Family secrets are revealed as three Aboriginal women return to their childhood home following their mother's death
Director: Rachel Perkins (Arrernte/ Kalkadoon)
Country of Production: Australia
Ritual Clowns
Experimental video featuring the Hopi trickster figures, called ritual clowns
Director: Victor Masayesva, Jr. (Hopi)
Country of Production: USA
Silent Tears
Gripping family drama based on the filmmaker's childhood life or death situation
Director: Shirley Cheechoo (Cree)
Country of Production: Canada
Smoke Signals
A young Native American man embarks on a life-changing journey
Director: Chris Eyre (Cheyenne/ Arapaho)
Country of Production: USA
Te Rua
Witty thriller that involves Maori and German activists who attempt to recover sacred objects from a Berlin Museum
Director: Barry Barclay (Maori)
Country of Production: Aotearoa/New Zealand
The Business of Fancydancing
A successful gay poet returns home to the reservation for a funeral
Director: Sherman Alexie (Coeur d'Alene/ Spokane)
Country of Production: USA
The Doe Boy
A young boy grapples with his mixed heritage, family relations, and first love
Director: Randy Redroad (Cherokee)
Country of Production: USA
The Land Has Eyes (Pear ta ma 'on maf)
A young girl stands up to an unjust accusation against her father
Director: Vilsoni Hereniko (Rotuman)
Country of Production: Fiji
The Minister of State
Young man is found unconscious, and claims he is a "minister of state"
Director: Paul-Anders Simma (Sami)
Country of Production: Sweden/ Norway/ Finland
The Shirt
Experimental video using the t-shirt to explore the effects of colonialism
Director: Shelley Niro (Mohawk)
Country of Production: Canada
Two Cars, One Night
Oscar-nominated short film about a tender childhood friendship
Director: Taika Waititi (Maori)
Country of Production: Aotearoa/New Zealand
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