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July 31, 2013  |  Artists, Family & Kids
Alya and Stephanie posing with an unfolded zine.

MoMA Teens Alya and Stephanie posing with an unfolded zine.

Last year’s Cross-Museum Collective was a whirlwind of incredible, art-related experiences, from behind-the-scenes tours of MoMA’s Security Department (thanks LJ!) to hanging out with the conservation staff (thanks Roger!) to spending week after week exploring the galleries of MoMA PS1 and the spectacular work there—it’s insane just how much we were able to accomplish.

November 19, 2012  |  Artists, MoMA PS1
Drag Queens and Chalices: The Art of Thomas Lanigan-Schmidt

In the video below, take a tour of multimedia artist Thomas Lanigan-Schmidt’s studio. His mixed-media constructions, collages, and installations—marked by a trashy opulence concocted from household items and dollar stores—are the subject of the exhibition Thomas Lanigan-Schmidt: Tender Love Among the Junk, on view at MoMA PS1 through April 1, 2013.