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July 16, 2014  |  Intern Chronicles
MuseumNext: Revelations in New Tech, Digital Innovation, and Trends
Sage Gateshead, one of the venues for MuseumNext 2014. Photo: Marietta Zafirakos

Sage Gateshead, one of the venues for MuseumNext 2014. Photo: Marietta Zafirakos

How do museums innovate, where are museums heading, and where does digital technology fit within these institutions? These questions have been in my mind throughout my studies and during my internship in the Adult and Academic Programs at MoMA.

The Language of Objects

Kacie Kinzer, Interactive Telecommunications Program, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University. Tweenbots. 2009. Cardboard, paper, ink, batteries, motor, and wheels. Photo Credit: Kacie Kinzer

Many serious and portentous things could be said about the exhibition Talk to Me</a>. I don’t intend to say any of them.

Documentation Diaries: Content vs. Technology

Joan Jonas. Mirage (installation details). 1976/1994/2003. The Museum of Modern Art. Gift of Richard Massey, Clarissa Alcock Bronfman, Agnes Gund, and Committee on Media Funds

Migrating media to accommodate rapidly evolving playback technology is a common occurrence. Our daily tendency to preserve images and sounds as we progress technologically means that we often discard old recording forms and playback equipment for digital replicas. Yet this drive to preserve content unexpectedly distorts the importance of technology as more than mere platform for content. When we disconnect media from its method of presentation we must consider the loss of contextualization for an object. Technology may seem disposable, but is it?