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December 15, 2009  |  Rising Currents
Rising Currents: The Halfway Mark

With one month down and one to go, the five architecture teams presented their projects to the public for the first time at P.S.1’s Saturday Sessions last weekend. Incorporating the public dialogue of the weekend into their studio work, the teams now begin to enter production mode, transforming their ideas into models, drawings, digital animations, and mixed media for the upcoming MoMA exhibition.

Matthew Baird, Matthew Baird Architects

Matthew Baird Architects, Oil Tanks at Bayonne Shoreline

Matthew Baird Architects, Oil Tanks at Bayonne Shoreline

Even if talks go well at this week’s COP 15, greenhouse gases will still increase in our global atmosphere. Our think tank at P.S.1 is considering how to address energy needs and to reduce the carbon footprint in any rethinking of our New York Harbor site. Lately, we’ve been considering the six hundred oil tanks located in Bayonne, NJ. With sea level rise and storm surge, a substantial portion of this area will be regularly or periodically under water. After creating a series of natural and man-made buffers at the water’s edge to cap and contain the compromised soil at the existing tank farm, we propose continuing to use the existing massive infrastructure to create energy. In the cleaner, greener future, we would make fuel from a renewable resource: algae. Algal biodiesel is carbon neutral, and thus would not add to greenhouse gas emissions. Part of our approach is to find local solutions for global problems.

November 17, 2009  |  Design, Rising Currents
Rising Currents: Meet the Project Teams

As of yesterday, the Rising Currents teams are now in residence at P.S.1. I’ve asked each of the team leaders to share some of their initial thoughts with you. Here are their reflections on their designated sites and the architects-in-residence program.

ZONE 1: David J. Lewis, Marc Tsurumaki, Paul Lewis, LTL Architects

Team LTL hits the ground running or, to be precise, the ambiguous line between ground and water in a site mostly constructed by dredging and infill over the past hundred years. We are thrilled to be given the opportunity by MoMA to work collaboratively at P.S.1 through Rising Currents to investigate the challenges and opportunities that face the uncertain future of the harbor area. While the site given is local, primarily defined by Liberty State Park and the two historic islands, the challenge is global. We look forward to collaborating with our colleagues gathered at P.S.1.

Zone 1

View of Historic Ferry Slip

zone 1

View of New Jersey Turnpike from LTL Architects site

November 10, 2009  |  Rising Currents
Rising Currents: The Four Teams
The <i>Rising Currents</i> project zone map. Courtesy Palisade Bay Team: Guy Nordenson and Associates, Catherine Seavitt Studio, Architecture Research Office

The Rising Currents project zone map. Courtesy Palisade Bay Team: Guy Nordenson and Associates, Catherine Seavitt Studio, Architecture Research Office

We have four interdisciplinary teams that are set to start at P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center as architects-in-residence for Rising Currents one week from today. They will each have a designated workshop space but they will also be in open dialogue with each other as they work. You’re invited to see their work-in-progress at a special open house they will host on Saturday, December 12, at P.S.1. I’d like to briefly introduce each of the team leaders and their team members, and describe which sites each team will be working on.