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February 10, 2015  |  Events & Programs
Comedy for Laughs Is Not Interesting: Dave Kneebone on Art, Humor, and Keeping Things Uncomfortable
Dave Kneebone in his Abso Lutely production offices. Photo by Aaron Wojack

Dave Kneebone in the Abso Lutely production offices in Los Angeles. Photo by Aaron Wojack

As the person who oversees the creation of MoMA’s teen-created, teen-directed online art courses, I have always been interested in the visual language of contemporary short-form videos—the look and feel of the TV shows and Web series that our audiences are looking at and talking about on their own time. When we work with our teens to create their videos, we almost invariably end up making comedic pieces—not straightforward sitcom-styled comedy but a more complicated, deliberately awkward, absurdist kind of abstract humor.