Just Above Midtown: Changing Spaces

*Insides Out*

Senga Nengudi. Insides Out. 1977/2003 364

Nylon mesh, metal, and sand, 120 × 12" (304.8 × 30.5 cm). Craig Robins Collection, Miami

Artist, Senga Nengudi: I very much like the idea of used pantyhose because I felt as though somehow they were infused with the energy of the woman that wore them. And when placing sand in the pantyhose, there was a sense of sensuality, which I also wanted to express with these pieces.

Linda Goode Bryant: It was all about her expressing her body and what it felt like as she was nurturing a baby inside her. I had had children, and I remember what that felt like when your body is being so stretched, and it’s like, whose body is this?

Senga Nengudi: I was fascinated in how resilient the body was and I really wanted to somehow duplicate that experience. I also was dealing with the idea of the female psyche—that your psyche can stretch, stretch, stretch and come back into shape.

I want the viewer to participate or respond to the piece itself. The first reaction is to giggle because you see something so common as pantyhose being used in sculpture.

Linda Goode Bryant: It was just the freedom. There is the freedom to that work that I loved. A freedom that pantyhose actually stripped you of. There was no freedom in pantyhose.

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