Picasso Sculpture: For Kids


Pablo Picasso. Apple. Paris, Fall–Winter 1990 731

Narrator: Walk around this small sculpture and look at it from every direction. What do you think you’re looking at? It’s an apple. An apple?

Nancy Lim: He calls it an apple, but it certainly doesn't look like an apple.

Narrator: That’s Nancy Lim. She helped organize this exhibition at MoMA.

Nancy Lim: He doesn't care that this doesn't look like an apple that you would find in a grocery store but that instead it looks like something that is round and sharp and jagged.

Narrator: Picasso helped invent a new way of making art called Cubism. He would take something we know and break it up into sharp edges and flat sides, like cubes. Look at this round apple—it’s got edges and flat sides, too.

Picasso spent one summer in a mountain village in Spain that looked, well, a lot like this apple! Can you picture lots of houses crowded onto the steep hills?

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