Picasso Sculpture: For Kids

*Little Horse*

Pablo Picasso. Little Horse. c. 1960 740

Narrator: Picasso made this little horse as a toy for his grandson, Bernard. For the body, he used metal table legs. Let’s count how many pieces there are:

The head is one--

Narrator: The horse’s neck and front legs are two and three --

Narrator: The body makes four--

Narrator: And two short back legs are five and six!

Narrator: Just six table legs, and yet Picasso was able to put them together to make us see a horse. What did he leave out? Do you see a tail? Even without some basic features like a tail or a mane, we still know this is a sculpture of a horse. And look at the feet. They’re wheels, so Bernard could roll around and ride his new horse.

Picasso once said that all children start out as artists – and that the problem was how to stay an artist when you grow up. So keep looking at the world with your artist’s eyes. Ask at an information desk about visiting MoMA Art Lab, which opens October 8th. It’s a great place for you to get creative!

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