Picasso Sculpture: For Kids

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*Bull’s Head*

Pablo Picasso. Bull’s Head. 1942 737

Pablo Picasso. Bull’s Head. Paris, 1942. Bronze. Private collection

Narrator: What do you see when you look at this sculpture?

Is it a bull with horns?—

Narrator: – or is it an old, rusty bicycle seat and some handlebars?

Narrator: Picasso was walking home one day and saw a bicycle seat and handlebars lying on the side of the road. The second he saw them he knew what to do. He took them home, stuck them together, and created this sculpture of a bull!

Narrator: But he still wanted you to recognize the bicycle parts.

Narrator: Picasso liked giving your imagination a workout. Is it a bull or a bicycle? Or both!

Narrator: You decide!