Picasso Sculpture: For Kids

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Pablo Picasso. Figure. 1928 736

Pablo Picasso. Figure. Paris, 1928. Iron wire and sheet metal. Musée national Picasso–Paris. Dation Pablo Picasso

Ann Temkin: Picasso loved children, and he was a wonderfully enthusiastic maker of toys for his kids when they were young.

Narrator: That’s Ann Temkin. She helped organize this exhibition. Picasso made this little doll for his daughter Maya, when she was a baby.

Ann Temkin: He enjoyed making dolls for her from very basic wood scraps, string, little bits of plastic or buttons, whatever he would find around.

Nancy Lim: He used a paintbrush handle for her nose. And her eyes are made from screws. Her head is like a flattened cube that is painted in soft blue and soft yellow.

Narrator: That’s Nancy Lim.

Nancy Lim: She has purple arms and magenta dots that could be like buttons on the front of her dress, and a swirl of black and yellow that goes all the way down the length of her body.

Narrator: Be sure to walk around and look at the doll from all sides.

Nancy Lim: She wears purple socks! She also has long swinging hair that Picasso made from ropes. It goes to almost the middle of her back.

Ann Temkin: He would make these creations, and then stick them on bases so they had their very secure place from which to stand and decorate the playroom or the bedroom of his daughter, Maya.