Picasso Sculpture: For Kids

*Picasso Sculpture* Kids Introduction

Picasso Sculpture Kids Introduction 730

Narrator: Welcome to Picasso Sculpture!

Spanish artist Pablo Picasso was trained to be a painter, and he made thousands of paintings over his long life. But when he wasn’t painting or drawing, he made sculptures – just for fun!

Picasso taught himself how, and he broke all the rules! He didn’t just make sculptures of people, he made sculptures of everyday things around him, like musical instruments and cups and cats. And he made them out of anything—even junk from someone’s trash can!

Nancy Lim: Picasso is funny! That's the greatest thing about Picasso's sculptures.

Narrator:** We invited some MoMA friends to tag along on your tour today—that’s Nancy Lim. She helped put this exhibition together.

Now, are you ready to explore the world of Picasso’s sculptures? You might never see art the same way again! Let’s go!

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