Picasso Sculpture

*Woman with Leaves*

Pablo Picasso. Woman with Leaves. 1934 717

Pablo Picasso. Woman with Leaves. Boisgeloup, 1934. Plaster. Private collection. Courtesy Fundación Almine y Bernard Ruiz-Picasso para el Arte

Narrator: This small figure, Woman with Leaves, introduces Picasso’s experimentation with imprinting – using materials that he found to make textures.

Narrator: Curator Anne Umland:

Anne Umland: Begin to look carefully at her surfaces. In fact she's almost all texture. So that her skirt, down at the bottom, that is made from imprinting corrugated cardboard into wet plaster; or the leaf up at the left is actually his taking a leaf and pressing it into plaster so that it retains these beautiful ready-made lines and veins.

I think this is one of the first instances where you can see how Picasso makes readymade or found objects function on multiple levels. So looking at the skirt, for instance, you can instantly recognize that it's corrugated cardboard. And at the same time, it stands in for or represents what is the equivalent of pleated drapery in a classical sculpture.

And so that all those different ways, I think, speak so eloquently to how Picasso manages to kind of conjure up the hidden meanings or the marvelous that's inherent in everyday reality.

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