LOT-EK was a finalist in the first edition of YAP in 2000. Their installation consisted of a large scaffolding spread across the courtyard of MoMA PS1 in which wading pools, lounges, televisions, and DJ booths could be inserted.

Q&A with LOT-EK

MoMA PS1: How did you position yourself to get nominated?

Ada Tolla, LOT-EK: LOT-EK projects have been developed as a conceptual practice engaging both art and architecture. The experimental and conceptual nature of the work made us potential candidates for the 2000 edition of YAP.

MoMA PS1: How was your design shaped by the history of YAP?

Ada Tolla: LOT-EK was part of the first MoMA PS1 YAP competition and therefore we had no history to confront. The exciting challenge of the project is in its ambition—the potentially large architectural scope to engage the great MoMA PS1 outdoor yard, as well as the limited time and budget. For us, it was a wonderful opportunity to explore the use of more temporal/ephemeral materials and pre-existing systems such as scaffolding, construction mesh, containers, and container tubs, etc., which have been an integral part of our philosophy and research.