Event Horizon exemplifies a theoretical threshold between the summer season and MoMA PS1, around which an inescapable gravitational pull is intensified by a number of related elements. Here architecture is both a dynamic system and the context for interplay of otherwise disparate activities. The existing geometry of the site creates a pinch point between the main dance floor and the more spacious triangular courtyard. To encourage fluidity between these two zones, a secondary platform for performances is surrounded by seating, water, and mist. Above, a torqued element clad in an aluminum textile reflects light, significantly cooling the space.

While one stage situates audiences at the center, a complex canopy comprising tensile undulating lines and layers elicits dynamic energy that matches the experiences of the visitors below. These forces are embodied not only by the MoMA PS1 Warm Up parties as a locus of culture, diversity, and art but also by a heightened awareness of the surrounding environment.