We Are All Here, Now is a series of pavilions that establish unique social spaces and create a sense of connection at the site of the PS1 Warm Up series. The four independent structures stand as a unified set, deploying the power of abstract symbols to evoke thresholds and architectonic elements that establish a collective environment that is at once familiar and pleasantly strange.

Reflecting a desire for social exchange, We Are All Here, Now engages signs and symbols from our collective memory to encourage shared perceptions. From the welcoming gate that mists visitors with water to the Ha Ha Ha Pavilion, which projects sunlight through stencils that spell out the words “Ha, Ha, Ha,” a malleable form of laughter and joy, each structure utilizes and reconfigures our expectations of architectural experiences. Following their time at MoMA PS1, the individual pavilions will be separated and recombined as they travel to a host of new locations.