Weaving the Courtyard is the result of a series of simple actions that have catalyzed different atmospheres across the MoMA PS1 courtyard. A woven canopy and earthworks encourage visitors to slow down, potentially reframing how they interact not only with each other but also with the landscape and sky. New outdoor spaces—including a raised bed of sand, a reflective wading pool, and a room of cooling misters—provide a topography of assorted textures, color, and light.
The installation works in tandem with the preexisting architecture to generate a patterned sky. Making use of the holes in the walls left by concrete formwork ties, a unique system of woven ropes transforms the upper reaches of the courtyard into an ethereal and colorful “cloud.” Layered in varied densities, the woven cloud provides shade while casting the courtyard—and, by extension, MoMA PS1—in a brightly colored web. The pool, along with the embankment of sand, invites visitors to mingle. While these structures are temporary, almost ephemeral, every material used in the installation will be retained in its original state and can be reused at the end of the summer.