Heinecken began creating entire periodicals in 1969 with a series of rainbow-hued magazines titled MANSMAG: Homage to Werkman and Cavalcade. In October of that year, he acquired a small offset press, and used the men’s erotic magazine Cavalcade as source material, making plates of every page, and randomly printing them on pages that were then reassembled into a magazine, so that all the visual data from the original publication appears in the issue, but now scrambled. He made a total of 120 *MANSMAG*s, each one unique, because the colors vary from magazine to magazine (in some cases making them illegible). The unusual printing is Heinecken’s “homage” to the Dutch avant-garde printmaker, typographer, and artist Hendrik Nikolaas Werkman, killed by the Nazis in 1945 for his politically outspoken work.