The project proposes to insert a cultural program in the park deriving from its own eventual and temporary conditions, while at the same time, creating a particular environment and climatically conditioned for public enjoyment.
Thus, it proposes the creation of an artificial environment composed of 35 spatial frames distributed over an area of 20 × 27.5 m. connected via a large shading gap. Each of these frames is different from the other according to its size, position and content conditioning both climatic and programmatically the area.

During the duration of the project the frames will be filled, first with anchor YAP programs and then through the intervention of a number of artists and through an open call. These will be distributed temporarily, entering and intervening cumulatively the space.

Inside, the accumulation of objects, people, events and working artists, generate a constant dynamic in the park, becoming attractive to a larger audience range. During the day they reduce the room temperature by means of agricultural techniques, and in the evening and on weekends leisure and culture continue to coexist in scheduled events.

In this work, the opening will be as important as the closing, when the chamber of curiosities will be completed. After the closing of the exhibition, there is the intention of moving and reinstall it in another location.

Text submitted by Arturo Scheidegger + Ignacio García Partarrieu