This online project is made possible by The Contemporary Arts Council and The Junior Associates of The Museum of Modern Art.

I would first like to thank Mikki Carpenter, Director of Photographic Services and Permissions, Patterson Sims, Deputy Director of Education and Research Support, and Kynaston McShine, Senior Curator, Department of Painting and Sculpture for the opportunity to create this work. I am very appreciative of the staff of the Department of Photographic Services and Permissions for making me feel at home. A hearty thanks to Elaine Cohen, Coordinator of Education Technology, Lilian Tone, Curatorial Assistant, Greg Van Alstyne, Design Manager, New Media for working with great patience on this project . In addition, I am grateful to Zack Miner, my research assistant, and Ari Salomon for his time and expertise.

I would especially like to thank Jeffery Ryan, Senior Assistant, Department of Photographic Services and Permissions, who guided me through the archive for almost a year. Without Jeffery's continuing interest, help, input and good humor this project would have remained a figment of my imagination.

Fred Wilson


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