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Shinslab Architecture


Principal: Shin Hyung-Chul

MMCA, Korea’s National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, joined the Young Architects Program in 2014. This year it presents the installation Temp’L, by Shinslab Architecture.

Temp’L (Temporary Temple) is built from the recycled steel parts of an old ship. It brings to light the structural simplicity of the ship’s hull and showcases the beauty of industrial materials by retaining the rusty and rough surface of the vessel. A massive metal structure is placed upside down and hollowed out, revealing a resting place surrounded by vegetation. The ship’s original interior is replaced with minimal structural reinforcements that maintain its shape while simultaneously acting as seating for visitors.

Sited at the entrance of the museum’s courtyard, the structure welcomes curiosity and invites discovery. At a similar scale to the buildings that surround it, Temp’L is transformed from a simple object to a monumental building, a striking figure alongside the vernacular Korean architecture of the neighborhood.