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MAXXI Temporary School: The Museum Is a School, a School Is a Battleground

Parasite 2.0


Principals: Eugenio Cosentino, Stefano Colombo, and Luca Marullo

MAXXI, the National Museum of 21st Century Arts, in Rome, has participated in the Young Architects Program since 2011. This year, MAXXI presents Parasite 2.0’s installation MAXXI Temporary School.

MAXXI Temporary School is a twofold device for the display of public life in the museum “piazza.” The project divides the site into four zones, reshaping MAXXI’s urban space and offering multiple stages for visitors to experience. Filled with childish and primordial imagery, four scenes feature different backdrops for a special series of events focused on urgent issues such as the Anthropocene, the current geologic era, during which humans have altered most natural systems on Earth. The installation stimulates a creative friction between scenic design and architectural frames for observing translations of the contemporary. Simultaneously, the sets act as background green screens for personalized selfies that, thanks to a custom-made mobile app, can be filled with images of natural, uncontaminated landscapes, revealing the fragile, decorative role of today’s architecture and proposing a critical rethinking of its function.