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Great Land



Principals: Giorgio Marchese, Daniele Marcotulli, Gabriel Enrique Nariño, Arianna Nobile, Andrea Ottaviani, Nicola Alicata, Cecilia Bandiera, Annalaura Valitutti, with Silvia Firmani, Michele Malagoli, Giovanni Policriti, Massimiliano Giglietti

MAXXI Architettura, the architecture department of Italy’s National Museum of Twenty-First Century Arts, in Rome, has participated in the Young Architects Program since 2011. This year, MAXXI presents Corte's installation Great Land, a portion of landscape set in the museum courtyard. Great Land is a piece of rural life in an urban setting that allows people to gather together, lie on the ground, and nourish the body and soul.

The soil is contained in a large rectangular tray that is open on its two short sides. The artificial features of the container—its wooden structure and surface finish—create a strong visual contrast with the bucolic landscape housed inside it. The piece of land is characterized by an interchange of slopes and flat parts that allows multiple experiences: entertainment and dynamism on the stage and in fountain areas, and relaxation in the more intimate valleys. The vegetation is diverse: trees with thick foliage and portions of lawn alternate with more luxuriant areas characterized by herbs and grasses. Picnic blankets, like rectangular pixels arranged on the lawn, become a visual reminder of consumption and suggest more spontaneous enjoyment. Some can be freely arranged according to visitors’ needs.