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Principal: Alper Derinboğaz

Haze is a pavilion uses experiential design to shift the perception of a specific shore condition of the Tophane Pier.

As the installation transforms Istanbul Modern into a "garden of stages," it also prepares an unexpected architectural condition for the distant relationship of Istanbul and the sea. The space brings water and people together in a unique way in the middle of a 1.5-kilometer customs border wall located in the city center.

Haze creates its own cool microclimate on the warmest days of the year, and it also accommodates various interesting events. The pavilion offers self-organizing events for the public, allowing the diffusion of social clusters and promoting mutual understanding between them. It has three different stages that are surrounded with various seating platforms and shaded lodges.

The mystery of this hazy space, which resembles floating platforms in the water, is enhanced by a cool breeze of water particles that sprays from some 200 nozzles. In Istanbul, people are geographically close to the sea, yet they remain far away from touching to the water. Haze aims to become a sample experience for the city, using this unique feature to highlight different ways of using seawater.

As the day gets darker, the space turns into a virtual installation, fusing the digital and physical almost like it merges the sea and the land.

Platforms, lodges, and seating elements are made out of Ferro-concrete lightweight modules, which is different than the common use of concrete in Istanbul. After summer these modules are going to be reused on different shores with different functions to further activate these selected areas.

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