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Brendan Fowler discusses his “crash piece” series.

Fowler, a free-jazz percussionist and a performer on the rock/DIY underground music circuit (under the name BARR), became a visual artist in 2008. In his signature works, Fowler combines up to four framed pictures, “crashing” them together. In this way, he mixes photography, sculpture, and performance. Largely autobiographical, the three-dimensional pictures combine snapshots of his friends, arrangements of flowers, the artist’s studio, mirrors, and screens in restructured narratives. In his major work Winter 2011–Fall 2012 (Joel and Sean and Carol and Chadwick Installing at Untitled 3, “Miles’” Security Jacket, Andrea Told the People at Cafe Gratitude That It Was Maxwell’s Birthday When It Wasn’t, Andrea’s Cousin’s Cousin’s House on Easter, Ry Showing New UNTITLED Logo, Photographic Arts Center, Coronado Ter. Screen Door, Proofing ANPQ 16 with Casey, What Wendy Saw), conceived specifically for this exhibition, Fowler reveals both the fronts and backs of the frames of his photographs, which are stacked and screwed together.