Shandra Woworuntu with Christopher L. Heuertz

Shandra Woworuntu holds a degree in Finance and Bank Management. After losing her job in her native Indonesia, she responded to an opportunity to work in the hotel industry in Chicago. Upon arriving to the U.S., Woworuntu fell victim to sex trafficking in New York. After several attempts, she successfully escaped her captors. Woworuntu now works on bringing those who engage with criminal trafficking to justice with the help of Safe Horizon, a victim assistance agency in New York. She is now a lobbyist in Washington D.C and works with anti-human trafficking advocacy groups. In 2014 she established "Mentari" to empower trafficking survivors.

Chris Heuertz is an activist fighting for freedom and justice among some of the world’s poorest people. He has worked alongside organizations in Bolivia, India, Moldova, Romania, and Thailand that establish small businesses and micro-enterprise initiatives as alternative means for women working in prostitution.
He has been featured in publications such as the Washington Post and has contributed to the book Sexually Exploited Children: Working to Protect and Heal. Chris has also been a featured speaker at numerous anti-human trafficking. He is the co-founder of Gravity, a center for contemplative activism.