New Photography 2011: Moyra Davey, George Georgiou, Deana Lawson, Doug Rickard, Viviane Sassen, Zhang Dali introduces six artists whose varied techniques and backgrounds represent the diversity of photography today. Moyra Davey makes pictures with film and mails them to friends, resulting in images whose creases, tears, and stamps bear the traces of physical handling so rare in the digital era. George Georgiou documents Turkey’s struggle to maintain its traditions in the face of popular culture, while Deana Lawson’s intimate portraits of strangers examine the African American figure and experience from a variety of viewpoints. Doug Rickard takes a road trip through urban America without leaving his house, photographing Google Street View images on his home computer. Viviane Sassen explores faraway locales as well, re-creating her dreams and memories with the dramatic light and shadow of the African landscape. Zhang Dali joins original archival source materials with their altered counterparts that were used as propaganda in Maoist China. The artists featured in New Photography 2011 showcase the countless ways that photography can be used and made during an exciting time in the development of the medium.

The exhibition is organized by Dan Leers, Beaumont and Nancy Newhall Curatorial Fellow, Department of Photography.

The exhibition is made possible by the Carl Jacobs Foundation.

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