The last decade has seen the rise of a remarkable new world cinema: indigenously directed feature films. This symposium brings together some of the most distinguished artists in this field to discuss the particular issues they face in shaping their on-screen narratives and in pushing for support and circulation of their work off screen. How are the stories, visions, and sounds of traditional cultural worlds a powerful resource for their creative visions, as well as a possible point of tension?

Does filmmaking offer an important creative space for telling indigenous histories that have too often been overlooked—including those of people who appear assimilated—and imagining how indigenous lives can be lived? The success of films such as Atanarjuat, Once Were Warriors, Pathfinder, and Smoke Signals on the world stage suggests that there is an appetite and appreciation for these works far beyond their communities of origin. How can this be translated into expanded opportunities for both established and emerging indigenous directors?
George Gustav Heye Center
One Bowling Green
New York, NY 10004
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