photo by Anna Peña, courtesy of NMAI 
Featured Film:
Guia Toó
(Powerful Mountain)
Crisanto Manzano Avella
Crisanto Manzano Avella (Zapotec) is from the village of Zaragoza, in the Sierra Juarez Mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico. In 1989, Manzano participated in the first video workshop given by the National Indigenous Institute, and since then has worked as an independent videomaker. Manzano works to document the culture, history, strengths, and struggles of the Zapotec people. He says of his work, "All the videos are for the community. It's a message that one offers to the indigenous community so that they can continue valuing what they are and what they want to continue being." In 1997, Manzano was the recipient of a Rockefeller Foundation Intercultural Film/Video/Electronic Media Fellowship, which supported the production of Guia Toˇ.
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