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Jeff Wall's sixteen-foot-long photograph Restoration, a Cibachrome transparency displayed in a light box, depicts a staged scene: the simulation of restorers working on a large-scale panorama, Swiss painter Edouard Castres's Arrivée de l'armée du général Bourbaki, 1881, a scene from the Franco-Prussian War. Jeff Wall has said of this work, "I was interested in the massiveness of the task the figures are undertaking. That for me was an important part of the theme. There might be associations of that massiveness with the futility of ever bringing the past into the 'now.'"
Jeff Wall.
Restoration. 1993.

Cibachrome transparency in display case illuminated with multiple fluorescent light fixtures, 54" x 16' 5/8" (137.1 x 506.9 cm). Kunstmuseum Luzern. Purchase with contributions by the canton and town of Luzern, in commemoration of the 175th anniversary of the Art Society Luzern, 1994. Photo: © Jeff Wall, courtesy Marian Goodman Gallery, New York

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