Marketing Hitchcock
Reshaping a Legend: The Birds
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What Is Multimedia Hitchcock?
Multimedia Hitchcock is an interactive computer program developed by Dr. Robert E. Kapsis and the Multimedia Hitchcock production team for museums and non-profit film institutions that will be celebrating Alfred Hitchcock's centenary in 1999. We designed it to give you, the museum visitor--whether film fan, cinema scholar, or movie director--immediate, convenient, and entertaining access to invaluable research material on Alfred Hitchcock, his films, and his career.
Much of the material we have assembled can ordinarily be found only in special collections, such as the Department of Film and Video at The Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Hitchcock Collection in the Margaret Herrick Library of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Beverly Hills, and the archives of the British Film Institute in London. Additional resources come from generous contributions of their work by renowned film scholars and popular critics. Best of all, we have ample material from Hitchcock's fabulous films themselves, and from films and television shows that were influenced by the work of The Master, courtesy of major entertainment corporations in the United States, England, and France, and with gracious support and encouragement from Pat Hitchcock O'Connell and the Alfred Hitchcock Trust. Never before has all this material been available in one place. You won't find a Hitchcock collection like this anywhere but Multimedia Hitchcock--and you don't have to make a special appointment to see it!

Hitchcock Cameo: Rear Window
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What You'll Find: Special Features of Multimedia Hitchcock

The Master of Suspense: A multimedia biographical profile of Alfred Hitchcock, with multi-layered interactive links to Hitchcock family photos, biographical notes on collaborators and influences, definitions of film terminology, and much, much more.

Gory Details: Synopses and credits for all of Hitchcock's films.

Masterpieces: Film clips from some of Hitchcock's most popular and important films, including The Lodger, The 39 Steps, Rebecca, Notorious, Rear Window, Vertigo, North By Northwest, Psycho, The Birds, and more.

The Hitchcock Legacy: Excerpts from some of your favorite films and television shows, revealing the influence of Hitchcock and his work--including clips by some of the best, and some of the most controversial, directors working today. Plus, affectionate tributes in our special parody section.

The Master on Film: Clips or stills of each of Hitchcock's famous cameo appearances.

The Master's Voice: "This is Alfred Hitchcock speaking..." Audio clips of Hitchcock himself, discussing his films and career, linked to film clips of classic sequences from his films. In Multimedia Hitchcock you can view excerpts from Hitchcock films while listening to the director's own commentary on the scenes, in audio clips from the original taped interviews upon which François Truffaut based his groundbreaking 1967 book Hitchcock.

Hitchcock Collaborators: Biographical Notes. Tippi Hedren
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The Master in Print: Dozens of articles, essays, and stories written by Hitchcock, plus dozens of interviews on his films, his techniques, and some personal details.

Murder in Your Living Room (Where It Belongs): Clips from the hit television series, Alfred Hitchcock Presents/The Alfred Hitchcock Hour.

Critical Focus: Special essays by noted Hitchcock scholars--some adapted exclusively for Multimedia Hitchcock and not available anywhere else--on The Birds, Marnie, Notorious, Psycho, Rear Window, and Vertigo. Plus hundreds of reviews from newspapers and magazines all over the USA and England.

How to Sell a Hitchcock: Reproductions of the marketing manuals for Psycho and The Birds.

A Hitchcock Scrapbook: Movie frames, publicity stills, family photographs, storyboards, production memos, and fan mail.

Hitchcock and Co.: Profiles of Hitchcock's favorite actors--such as Ingrid Bergman, Grace Kelly, James Stewart, Cary Grant, and others--key colleagues, and a special multimedia essay (with music) on Hitchcock's celebrated collaboration with composer Bernard Herrmann.

Classic Hitchcock Sequences: Psycho shower scene
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Who We Are: The Multimedia Hitchcock Production Team

Dr. Robert E. Kapsis (Executive Producer/Director) is Professor of Sociology and Film Studies at Queens College of the City University of New York and the Film Studies Certificate Program, Graduate Center (CUNY). He is the author of Hitchcock: The Making of a Reputation (University of Chicago Press, 1992) and co-editor of Clint Eastwood: Interviews (University Press of Mississippi, 1999).

Kathie Coblentz (Chief Contributing Editor; Programmer) is a special collections cataloger at The New York Public Library and co-editor of Clint Eastwood: Interviews (University Press of Mississippi, 1999).

Nikolay Uglov (Programmer; Technical Interface Designer) is a senior applications developer at CondeNet, the Web division of Conde Nast Publishing, and has worked on Multimedia Hitchcock since its inception.

Amy Stoller (Contributing Editor) is a New York-based actor, director, and dramaturg in professional theater, with a long-standing avocational interest in the movies, especially Hollywood's "Golden Age."

Glenn Stockton (Graphic Designer) is an independent digital media designer, creating Web sites and interactive interfaces from his basement.
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