"Generally we only see the surface of the earth with our eyes, but I desired to express the touching of it as well. Using touch, smell, and sound, I wanted to trace the earth throughout this process and to expose its texture. I chose to lay my newly woven fabric directly onto the earth and rub soil upon it, abrading certain areas in order to reveal the characteristic of the ground underneath. In this way, the piece was transformed from a two-dimensional fabric into a three-dimensional work." by Chiyoko Tanaka
Chiyoko Tanaka. Grinded Fabric-Ocher: RF#4. 1986-87. Ramie, linen, and Jurakudai soil, 39 3/8 x 97" (100 x 247 cm). Collection The Saint Louis Art Museum. Friends Fund. Handwoven, rubbed and polished

©1998 The Museum of Modern Art, New York.