In 1994 GEORGINA STARR (British,
b. 1968) was invited to create a public artwork for The Hague as part of a series called "The Seventh Museum." Arriving with no preconceived project, she obsessively collected documents of her loneliness (the toys she made, the games she played, the restaurants in which she ate alone every evening) and her anxiety about the upcoming exhibition (projects begun and abandoned, souvenirs nervously collected). Eventually, she decided to organize and install these diaristic materials in the gallery as her contribution to the series—what amounts to an intimate artistic autobiography. Starr has elaborated on the original project by creating from it an intriguing archive of photographs of the individual components, grouped into nine thematic sub-collections and accompanied by explanatory materials. Above: Detail of the key to The Nine Collections of the Seventh Museum. 1994. The Museum of Modern Art. Gift of Barbara and Max Pine in memory of Eugene M. Schwartz.