Mutant Materials in Contemporary Design


This exhibition is made possible by a generous grant from Lily Auchincloss. Additional support has been provided by Ciba and by The Contemporary Arts Council of The Museum of Modern Art.

The curator wishes to acknowledge the following for their commitment to this project: Adrianne Wortzel, an artist and alumna of the School of Visual Arts (SVA), New York, constructed this digital exhibition. For her generous contribution of talent, time, and energy, she deserves special mention. The curator is also grateful to Timothy Binkley, Chair of the MFA Computer Art Department at SVA, for providing access to these materials on the World Wide Web via the SVA server, and to Bob Anderson, Elisa Behnk, and Barbara London, who were instrumental in the realization of this web site.

Harriet Bee, Kate Norment, and Barbara Ross Geiger edited these texts. Yanitza Tavarez, who assisted throughout the organization of this exhibition, once again played an important role. And Greg Van Alstyne provided invaluable graphic assistance.

And, in particular, the curator would like to thank Terence Riley, Chief Curator, Department of Architecture and Design, for his unwavering support and advice.

Fibers and Composites
Rubber and Foam
Other Materials


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