Annette Messager at MoMA Web Site, a pilot project of The Museum of Modern Art, New York, is a component of the exhibition Annette Messager. The Web site was written by Sheryl Conkelton, associate curator in the Museum's Department of Photography and co-organizer of the exhibition. Blink Online Publishing, in conjunction with the staff of MoMA, designed and produced the site. Blink Online creates sponsor-supported, thematically linked sites for the nonprofit community and educational sites for the corporate community. The Museum is grateful to the Graduate Computer Art Department of the School of Visual Arts, New York, for providing access to this Web site on its server.

MoMA staff for this project were:

Robert Anderson, Information Systems
Elisa Behnk, Public Information
Sheryl Conkelton, Photography
Christopher Lyon, Publications
Emily Waters, Graphic Design

Blink Online collaborators on this project were:

Rick Mason, Marketing
Jim Nevin, Producer
Liam O'Malley, Authoring
Iancu Sorell, Design and Graphics

Image above: detail of Chimaeras (Chimères). 1982-84. Acrylic and oil on gelatin-silver print mounted on mesh. Collection the artist.

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