Prize Designs for Modern Furniture

Left to right: back row: Rene d'Harnoncourt 3rd row: Harry Fish, Nelson Rockefeller, Ira Hirshmann, Edgar Kaufmann, Jr. 2nd row: james Prestini, John Merrill, John McMorran, Dean L.M.K. Belter, U.C.L.A. Alexey Brodovitch, Robin Day, Charles Eames, Georg Leowald. Front row: Robert Lewis, Armour Research Foundation, Davis J. Pratt, Don R. Knorr, Ralph Fox, A.R.F., Clive Latimer. Publicity photograph released in connection with the exhibition, "Prize Design for Modern Furniture."

May 16, 1950–July 16, 1950. Photographic Archive. The Museum of Modern Art Archives, New York. IN446.68D