Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs (Kids)


Henri Matisse. Zulma. 1950 92

Henri Matisse (French, 1869–1954). Zulma. Early 1950. Gouache on paper, cut and pasted. 93 11/16 × 52 3/8″ (238 × 133 cm). Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen. © 2014 Succession H. Matisse/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

Music, something that conveys a bright morning at home in your kitchen.

NARRATOR: This cut-out shows how Matisse sometimes arranged shapes to make a figure, or person. Here you can see a woman standing between two tables. Look closely at the table on the right. If you look at the pieces separately, the leg is a skinny sliver of purple on a yellow background. And the top of the table is a pink shape floating nearby. But when you look at them together.

KID 1: They look like a table.

NARRATOR: Now look at the woman. How did he put her together?

KID 2: The round black shape looks like her hair.

KID 3: Her body is orange and blue.

KID 1: Or maybe the blue is her robe.

NARRATOR: This work is a bit different from the other cut-outs. You can’t see this, but there’s a drawing beneath this picture. Matisse drew the woman first, and then assembled the cut shapes on top.

Can you find another cut-out in this room that looks like a woman? This one is dancing!

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