Judson Dance Theater

Map of downtown New York

Downtown Overview. n.d. 2840

Map of downtown New York

THOMAS J. LAX: In the early 1960’s, artists moved into abandoned industrial buildings in lower Manhattan and carved out new spaces where they could live and work. Performances took place in bars, art galleries, loft apartments, warehouses, churches, even in the streets.

ANA JANEVSKI: They collaborated, competed, argued, and inspired each other. Here’s Yvonne Rainer:

YVONNE RAINER: What is interesting about that period, which preceded Judson, is the fact that the art community, which included dancers and sculptors and painters and musicians, was much smaller than it is now. And you went to events. You went to Cage concerts. You went to the Reuben Gallery. You went to James Waring concerts and Merce’s concerts, and so there was this constant interchange and interaction.

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