The Council

Adelita Husni-Bey. _The Council_ 2018. Chromogenic print. Courtesy the artist and Laveronica arte contemporanea, Modica, Italy. © 2018 Adelita Husni-Bey

Adelita Husni-Bey. The Riot. 2018 390

Adelita Husni-Bey. The Council 2018. Chromogenic print. Courtesy the artist and Laveronica arte contemporanea, Modica, Italy. © 2018 Adelita Husni-Bey

Anatola: So how will the institution respond to this riot? Let’s have a short debate. Because some members on that floor are demanding better conditions, like there have been so many complaints about the things that are happening on floor two.

Ava: But it’s an educational floor…

Anatola: They're really unsatisfied with the education we’re providing. They have banded together to riot. What are we doing wrong?

Emily: We should just send them all to the basement.

Anatola: If we’re providing for the people, and the people are disappointed, should we listen to the people or should we install, like, order?

Billy: I think we should meet with these people.

Emily: I agree.

Jocelyn: I think we should listen to the people or else we look like dictators.

Khachoe: I think we should bring back the microphone and the whisper box. I know I was’t present when this was going on, but um…

Anatola: Why do you think…

Khachoe: But since it’s in the atrium, there’s a microphone and a whisper box, so to avoid future riots maybe we can have someone monitoring all the concerns that the public is brining to the microphone.

Anatola: Or a suggestion box? Like suggestions…

Ava: If people are really that upset about conditions they’re still gonna riot.

Khachoe: But have we given them a chance to suggest?

Emily: Yeah, we haven't given them the floor yet, I think.

Billy: Are we that out of touch with our community?

Emily: Yeah, that’s a good question.

Amirah: Are we?

Carol: How involved are we with our community?

Emily: If there’s a riot, I think we have to be a little out of touch, I guess.

Carol: A suggestion box is not going to fix a riot.

Anatola: Yeah what about fixing the second floor solution.

Ava: We could also kick them out.

Jocelyn: People will be afraid of talking to us if they see the way we handle problems is just kicking them out.

Ava: Well, if they're rioting...

Eric: Then the whole building would riot!

Jocelyn: But there has to be a reason…

Carol: Send them to the Lab.

Khachoe: We should hear them out.

Bianca: We should, Billy suggested a, oh I’m sorry, William suggested a town hall.

Carol: Give them what they want.

Eric: Yeah.

Anatola: What do think it is that people want?

Emily: Not to play devil’s advocate, but to play devil’s advocate, but if we give them what they want then every time something shitty happens it’s like, okay, let’s riot and then it becomes like…

Ava: They step all over us…

Jocelyn: I think allow communication so that this thing doesn't happen again.

Khachoe: That’s the thing. Exactly. We have a town hall…and we have a town hall where people come and speak. Do we have people who are there monitoring and listening to what the concerns of the people are?

Jocelyn: I guess not. Maybe we should be more present.

Yared: Yeah. Right. We need a town meeting to make them know that riots aren’t okay.

Anatola: What if it’s saying something about us and our performance?

Khachoe: I like the idea that Anatola brought earlier about a party that says we appreciate what you’re doing here, so a date for everyone…

Amirah: I think that we should should try to do the union idea per floor, but also I think the party idea can be great in the long run, but right now I, I don’t think it’s gonna solve much. So maybe like once a month have a…Instead of like a super professional, like, type of meeting, have, you know, like a lunch or a dinner discussion at a table and have certain rules, like these are the guidelines: you can express how you feel but we need to maintain the peace.

Anatola: Let’s listen to every single idea we’ve had so far…and then we have to vote soon. So we’re gonna read about it, we could digest and then vote.

Yared: Since we’ve talked about unions and all that, why don’t we just hold an election? We’ve been talking, we’ve talked about unions, we’ve talked about representatives at every floor.

Anatola: Election.

Yared: Represent, select a representative.

Anatola: Like its own government…Like the United States. Like each floor is its own state?

Yared: Each floor is its own state…

Anatola: And then we’re the whole united, we’re like the country, national government.

Yared: And since that way they don’t feel like they have a hierarchy, they an represent, they can elect their representative by themselves and can come to us with their problems.

Anatola: How would the second floor communicate with the Dome?

Khachoe: Then how does that…that doesn't work.

Amirah: No.

Anatola: It’s one building…

Jocelyn: Why don’t we…

Anatola: It’s also a building…

Bianca: Where’ s the "Möma" in this?

Maya: Penelope suggests that the rioters visit the Lab. Maochi suggests that the microphone whisper box be brought to the rioters so we can understand why they are rioting. A suggestion box was then suggested. A town hall, but changed to be more open to hearing people’s opinions. A representative for every floor was then, um, suggested. And a survey of other’s experiences was suggested. A union for each floor, um, to minimize conflict. An evening or feast to show appreciation and then those two were both merged into union and a once a month feast. Um, and then the feast would have guidelines. And then, an election for the Council by each floor.

Anatola: Is there one that most people…wanna just, like, say what you’re most interested in out of those?

Emily: I think the union and then…

Anatola: I like the union…town hall thing.

Khachoe: I think the union/town hall/party/microphone all could be together.

Anatola: I do too, I like that option.

Jocelyn: I strongly oppose having a party. I think it’s really condescending for us to be, like, throwing a party.

Carol: It’s so elitist.

Khachoe: It’s not a party, it’s not a party…

Ava: It is a party. Even if it’s not a party.

Emily: Yeah, no, you're right.

Jocelyn: It’s like, oh thank you so much for, like, listening to me while we’re having this party.

Maya: Is it an adequate way to spend our funds?

Carol: It is not.

Eric: If I get invited to some event and it’s like, oh come here and hang out, and then what’s that going to do for me?

Anatola: Let’s get back to um, representatives?

Amirah: Representatives or just people?

Anatola: Or surveys? Or parties?

Khachoe: But that destroys the idea of a town hall. A town hall is something where everyone can come.

Anatola: Yeah, go for it.

Emily: I feel like the workers vote should count more than everyone else’s.

Eric: I feel like…

Khachoe: But see, like, that’s the thing, the workers can come to the town hall and speak up.

Anatola: Would the worker like to share their thoughts?

Eric: I feel like if I go to the town hall, it would be just way too many suggestions.

Anatola: What about right now? You're at a sort of town hall, so like your opinion would be able to be heard.

Khachoe: What would you say that would make the working conditions better?

Emily: Damn, you killed us.

Eric: It’s not about, okay, it is about the work conditions, but I’m saying like, as a…like, I think I need a representative because that way it’ll collect not just one, but let’s say maybe two or three, it’ll get all of like, me and everyone else…

Carol: But okay, representatives will, like, it doesn’t get everything, it’s just generalizing all these ideas, so why not voice these opinions yourself? Why not get it directly to the source? Why do you need another medium?

Anatola: So town hall?

Carol: Why do you need another medium? Why can’t you directly influence these changes?

Anatola: We’re about to have a town hall, y’all.

Billy: I think the representative also experiences what the worker experiences and is able to prioritize as a group what they need in a certain month or whatever.

Khachoe: I think that, I think the workers can organize within themselves, so you’re talking about a union in that sense…

Anatola: We have voted. It’s, it’s eight to four town hall to representative.

Yared: But a town hall has to…if you have a town hall how are you going to sort through everyone’s needs? Thousands of people that are not able to speak in a town hall because you have a line of how many hundreds of people are up there…that’s gonna cause a lot of discord.

Anatola: But they have the opportunity…But with none, there’s no opportunity…that’s why the riot happened.

Carol: Why do you have to go through another medium?

Anatola: Also, the call is to put an end to riot. That’s it.

Maya: What if we made a town hall for every floor once a month and everybody throughout the building can visit each town hall so we can be in communication with each other?

Anatola: I like that.

Eric: So it’s not way too crowded in to one.

Emily: Phoebe for the win.

Group: Meme. Meme.

Anatola: Yeah, that was a great end, thank you for uplifting us.

4 / 4