The Long Run (Kids)

Frank Stella. Giufà, la luna, i ladri e le guardie. 1984 98

Frank Stella. _Giufà, la luna, i ladri e le guardie_1984. Synthetic polymer paint, oil, urethane enamel, fluorescent alkyd, and printing
ink on canvas, and etched magnesium, aluminum, and fiberglass. 9' 7 1/4" x 16' 3 1/4" x 24" (293.3 x 491.1 x 61 cm). Acquired through the James Thrall Soby Bequest

NARRATOR: This artwork is like a puzzle of colorful shapes on the wall!

Would you call it a painting? A sculpture? Or something else?

FRANK STELLA: My name is Frank Stella. I'm the the artist of this work. It’s an image or it's a painting, construction, whatever you wanna call it, but it's made up of a lot of parts.

NARRATOR: Do you see all the layers of shapes? How many different shapes can you count?

There’s a story hidden inside these shapes. The artwork was inspired by an Italian fairytale. It’s called Giufa, la luna, i ladri e le guardie. That means Giufa (that’s a boy’s name), the moon, the thieves, and the guards.

FRANK STELLA: The idea here is to have the shapes be animated so its Giufa, the moon, and the band of robbers. If you imagine that Italian thieves wear bandanas and get very dressed up when they go out to steal things.

NARRATOR: What shape here looks most like a moon to you? How about a man wearing a bandana? Or maybe, you can invent a whole new story that these shapes are about!

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