The Long Run (Kids)

Elizabeth Murray. Do the Dance. 2005 97

Elizabeth Murray. Do the Dance 2005. Oil on canvas on wood. 9' 5" x 11' 3" x 1 1/2" (287 x 342.9 x 3.8 cm). Gift of Jo Carole and Ronald S. Lauder, Agnes Gund, and Arne Glimcher

NARRATOR: Look all the way to the right side of this painting. Look for the green line. Did you find it? Point to it with your finger and follow it all the way down the side of the painting.

Let’s listen to the artist, Elizabeth Murray.

ELIZABETH MURRAY: For a couple of years I’ve been working with cutting out shapes and kind of glomming them together. You know like making a zig zag shape and sort of a rectangular shape and a circular bloopy fat cloudy shape…and they are cartoony and blumpy and rounded and sort of wacky.

BOY 2: It looks like everything's moveable. Like you can stretch it out and then wiggle it.

ELIZABETH MURRAY: When I really know certain things are working for me they make me laugh. I think it’s really very similar to how a kid plays. You're just picking up these different shapes and you're throwing them on the wall and then putting them together and seeing what kind of a game you can make out of them.

BOY 4: The name is Do the Dance.

NARRATOR: That’s right! The artist was listening to music as she made it. Does it make you think about dancing? Try moving your body like some of the shapes you see.

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