The Long Run (Kids)

John Baldessari. Six Colorful Inside Jobs. 1977 96

John Baldessari. Six Colorful Inside Jobs 1977. 16mm film transferred to video (color, silent) 32:53 min. Gift of Jerry I. Speyer and Katherine G. Farley, Anna Marie and Robert F. Shapiro, and Marie-Jose and Henry R. Kravis

NARRATOR: This is called Six Colorful Inside Jobs. Let’s watch it for a few minutes—but you don't have to watch the whole thing. That would take more than half an hour!

GIRL 1: It's a man painting the walls.

NARRATOR: The artist, John Baldessari, used to be a house painter. But while he was painting houses, he started to imagine new ways to make art. In this artwork, he hired someone else to do the painting. Here’s the artist to tell you a little bit about it:

JOHN BALDESSARI: My father was a landlord and I kept his rentals up painting them, and I used to occupy my mind as I was painting the wall just by saying to myself, now I'm painting a wall, now I'm making a painting.

GIRL 2: It looks like he's coloring it with all the six colors of the rainbow.

JOHN BALDESSARI: It starts out with a white room. He comes in and he paints it red, and then the next day he paints it orange, the next day yellow, next day green, the next day blue, and the last day violet. And it was being filmed above head, the whole process. A bird's eye view.

NARRATOR: Did you see how the painter gets out of the room?

GIRL 1: Maybe he has a ladder so he can climb over and get out by … going over the top.

NARRATOR: Just keep watching and you'll see how he gets out!

GIRL 5: He's going so fast that I can't even see what he's doing.

NARRATOR: The artist sped up the video because painting a room takes a long time. It can get pretty boring painting walls, but sometimes, when you're bored you come up with the best ideas.

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